It is the responsibility of each student to bring the necessary equipment to participate in the training exercises.

We encourage each student to bring their complete tactical gear for use during tactical operations to ensure a more realistic training experience.


Equipment Requirements
  • Tactical Uniform (including BDU pants)
  • Tactical Footwear
  • Personal IFAK with (2) tourniquets
  • Gloves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Knee Pads
  • Duty Belt
  • Agency issued Firearms
  • Dual Magazine Pouch
  • Body Armor
  • Hydration System or Cooler
  • Flashlight with Holster and extra Batteries
  • Personal Hearing and Eye protection
  • Writing Pad for taking notes
  • Laptop Computer or Device to accept a USB which contain Student Manuals

The major airlines allow handguns to be transported in your personal luggage provided it can be properly locked. It has been our experience that there is variation among each airline as to how they require the handgun to be secured in your luggage. Some if not most require a separate locked case inside your locked luggage.

Make sure you contact the airline before you travel as to what is their requirement to transport handguns. You must declare your firearms per Federal Regulations when you check in at the ticket counter.

If your agency issues the Colt M4 or AR platform you may bring and use your weapon system at the school and we encourage you to do so. You are required to ensure that you have enough ammunition for the exercises (see below) .556 and handgun ammunition can be purchased from the school during the registration process.

The International School of Tactical Medicine has permits issued by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) Firearms Branch for the possession, use and transport of:

Machine Guns: Permit # 0815

Assault Weapons, .50 BMG Rifle: Permit # 08154

Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns : Permit # 08155

Destructive Devices: Permit  # 08165

You may purchase ammunition at the school for your convenience. We stock 9 mm, 40 cal, and 45 ACP, and .556 ammunition.

  • Module A: 100 rounds handgun, 200 rounds .556
  • Module B: 100 rounds handgun, 200 rounds .556
  • No hand loads or re-manufactured ammunition may be used in school firearms. Only high quality factory ammunition will be allowed. If you have any questions regarding ammunition requirements or the firearms training portion at the school please contact us via email or phone.

NOTE: All students using their personal ammunition for use in school firearms will be inspected and must be approved and cleared for use by our firearms instructors prior to range time. Ammo prices are subject to change due to market demand and availability.

Yes, we have a dress code. During class session hours please do not wear in the classroom or range civilian clothes such as jeans, non-tactical or non departmental issued shirts, t-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes, etc. Don’t be that Guy ! The International School of Tactical Medicine Instructors reserve the right to have you redress if you are found to be wearing unprofessional attire.

You are expected to perform and act as a professional at all times.  Anyone found, or suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be told to immediately stand down. Your training will be suspended, your agency and supervisor will be notified immediately.



International School of Tactical Medicine POST ID # 1268

Tactical Medicine Course Module A Course Cert # 1268-23004 - 40 HRS

Tactical Medicine Course Module B Course Cert # 1268-23006 - 40 HRS



Tactical Medicine Course Module A 20 CE Credits
Tactical Medicine Course Module B 20 CE Credits
 EMS CE Provider #34-4920