The ISTM TAC-MED faculty is comprised of physicians and law-enforcement professionals. All physicians are residency trained-board certified in their specialty, published authors, hold faculty appointments at teaching hospitals and medical schools and are engaged in the full time practice of emergency medicine, surgery and critical care medicine. In addition, they are tactically trained and sworn law enforcement officers and serve as tactical physicians on SWAT teams. The law-enforcement faculty are experienced police officers that are firearms and tactical instructors.



Joshua English, NRP

provides technical and design support for the ISTM Tac Med website. He has been in involved in EMS for over 15 years, first as an EMT and then as a Paramedic and EMS administrator in Alameda County, California.  Joshua is a graduate of the California POST /EMSA Tactical Medicine program.  He has over 25 years experience providing medical support in the wilderness settings and has taught wilderness safety and outdoor living skills in California and Hawaii.  

Ken Elmore

has been a firearms engineer, manufacturer, operator, and instructor for over 30 years and is the owner of Elmore Mfg Co in Arizona. From 1997-2007 he was a member of COLT Law Enforcement Training (COLT Defense LLC) instructing thousands of police and military personnel from around the world, as well as doing work for the US Government at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center, Ft. Bragg, NC, where he helped develop and upgrade several training courses.

Ken is a US Army combat veteran who speaks fluent German. SGT Elmore spent 2 years with 3rd Infantry Division in West Germany and was later a Squad Leader for a demolitions and light weapons squad in 7th Infantry Division. This unit participated in combat and military police operations during the Panama Invasion (1989-90) at the International Airport and Rio Hato Special Forces compound.

Since 2008 Ken has been teaching for Specialized Armament, including basic and advanced weapons courses, machine shop skills, and range work, as well as doing engineering and consulting on several outside projects. Ken is both static line and HALO jump qualified as a life member of the US Parachute Association. His SCUBA diving career includes technical certifications in mixed gas and specialty diving in both the US and overseas.

Gary Hallenbeck

is currently a Deputy Sheriff working for a Northern California Sheriff’s Department for the last 18 years. Gary has worked a variety of assignments including Patrol, Field Training Officer, Narcotics and a Special Investigation unit. Gary has been assigned to a regional SWAT team for 16 years and is currently a team leader. Gary is a range master, firearms instructor, Glock armorer, Colt M4/AR-15 armorer. Gary has been certified as an expert witness in California State Court and Federal court in the areas of Clandestine methamphetamine manufacturing, firearms and Drug Recognition Expert (DRE).

Lawrence E. Heiskell, MD, FACEP, FAAFP

is the founder and director of the International School of Tactical Medicine. Lawrence is residency trained in emergency medicine and family practice and a practicing emergency physician for 29 years. Prior to attending medical school he spent 5 years with the United States Antarctic Research Program and served on 3 expeditions to Antarctica and the South Pole. For his scientific and exploration contributions he was awarded the Congressional Antarctic Service Medal in 1979. He began his 26 year career in law enforcement as a reserve deputy and SWAT team physician with the Kern County Sheriff’s Department in Bakersfield, California and is currently a reserve police officer and tactical physician with the Palm Springs Police Department in Palm Springs, California.

He served on an 18-agency member tactical medicine coalition under the auspices of the California Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training and California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) to create the State of California Tactical Medicine Operational Programs and Standardized Training Recommendations. He is a law enforcement instructor at the College of the Desert Public Safety Academy in Palm Desert, California. He is a graduate of P.O.S.T/ D.O.J., NTOA, Heckler & Koch and FBI SWAT schools.

Lawrence has lectured extensively nationally and internationally on tactical medicine and has published over 60 articles and other publications on tactical medicine related topics. He is a co-author of the textbook Tactical Medicine Essentials. He is a California P.O.S.T. certified Firearms Instructor and Rangemaster as well as a Heckler & Koch MP5 Master Instructor and a six-time Gunsite Academy graduate.  Over the years he has has provided special operations emergency medical support for the FBI, DEA and BATF. He is also a graduate of the DEA Clandestine Drug Laboratory Investigation School and the California P.O.S.T. Academy Instructor Certification Program. Lawrence has worked overseas with several European law enforcement agencies to develop and implement tactical medicine programs. He is currently working with California POST and EMSA to develop new educational programs to improve medical training for law enforcement officers and medical response for Fire and EMS agencies in active shooter and mass casualty incidents.

Larry Hiyakumoto, NRP

is currently serving as a Sergeant with the California Highway Patrol with twenty six plus year in California law enforcement. Larry has worked a variety of assignments to include Governor’s Protective Detail, 15 years SWAT, range master, firearms instructor, and field training officer. Larry is a graduate of CATO’s SWAT Team Leader Course, FEMA LASER instructor program, California POST Active Shooter Training, Protection of Public Officials, Santa Clara Sheriff’s Sniper School, and GRYPHON Group Security Solutions trained. Larry also served as a 34 year veteran as a USAF Pararescueman (PJ) stationed with the 41st ARRS, 24th Special Tactics Squadron, and the 131st Rescue Squadron. As a PJ he was a team leader, instructor, and examiner (IJ/EJ). Larry has served in the Middle East on numerous occasions in different conflicts, earned a Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor, and retired honorably as a Chief Master Sergeant.

Mickey Huber, NRP

is a nationally registered paramedic currently serving as the Assistant Chief of Operations for Butte County EMS, in Northern CA. Mickey represents the Northern California region at the National Association of EMTs as an Affiliate Faculty member in the areas of Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, Advanced Medical Life Support and Tactical Combat Casualty Care. He has been serving as a Tactical Paramedic for the Butte County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team since 1998, and is the senior medic attached to the team. He is also a Level 1 Reserve Officer, assigned as an investigator attached to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, as an Assistant Range Master, Shoot House Instructor, and as a Hazardous Materials and Weapons of Mass Destruction Instructor. Mickey also serves as the Deputy Team Commander for the Sacramento Regional Disaster Medical Assistance Team as part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services National Disaster Medical System. He’s been deployed in support of numerous disasters, including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike. Mickey is currently completing a degree in Emergency and Disaster Management.

Justin Lemieux, MD

is a residency trained – board-certified emergency medicine physician and faculty at Stanford University Hospital. Justin also completed fellowship training in EMS/Disaster Medicine. He serves as the team physician for San Mateo Regional Tactical EMS and provides medical direction for Rock Medicine, USAR TF-3, San Mateo TEMS, Davis/West Sacramento SWAT, and Downrange LLC. Justin’s primary academic interests include improving EMS and medical education through stress inoculation and hyper-realistic simulation.

Michael Marsh, NRP

has been a licensed Paramedic with the State of California for 20 years and has been involved in Emergency Medical Services for over 22 years. Mr. Marsh served the County of San Mateo as the Mass Casualty Incident Committee Chairman; he also served as the Northern California Disaster Response Coordinator for the national ground ambulance contract, and was the Special Operations coordinator for the Regional Tactical Medic program within San Mateo County. He currently works as an EMS Coordinator for Alameda County and specializes in training for Urban Shield, Ambulance strike team leader, active shooter, and tactical emergency medical support. Mike also serves as the tactical medical advisor for the West Sacramento/Davis SWAT team.

Jim Morrissey, NRP

has been a Tactical Paramedic for the San Francisco FBI SWAT team since 1999 and prior to that he worked with the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team as an educator and consultant. Jim is the Terrorism Preparedness Coordinator for Alameda County EMS. He is a Medical Intelligence Officer for the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center and holds a master’s degree in Homeland Security from the Naval Postgraduate School. Jim has lectured in over 25 countries on emergency medicine, wilderness rescue and tactical medical operations and has published a wilderness medical field guide and many articles over his career.

Patrick Siegert, MSc

is a close protection specialist with over 15 years of experience in personal and executive protection as well as in Emergency Medicine. He is the owner of the German “Security & Rescue Guard -SRG”, a internationally operating security firm, providing security and medical services. He is a German EMT-P equivalent “Rettungsassistent”, a EMS supervisor, Mass Casualty Incidence Commander and Water Rescue Commander. He has earned his Master of Science in Security & Safety Management and wrote his Master’s Thesis about Tactical Medicine within the German SWAT units. Patrick works with international clients and companies.

Gary Sommers

is a retired police sergeant with 42 years law enforcement experience. Gary spent 21 years with Prince Georges County Police Department and 21 years with the Montgomery County Police Department. He is a former SWAT team member and sniper with 26 years experience in firearms instruction. Gary continues working in the field of law enforcement for the Montgomery County (Maryland) Police, as a full time academy and firearms instructor. Gary was an instructor for the Anti-Terrorism school for the US State Department and taught in 13 foreign countries. Gary served as an adjunct instructor for the Heckler ∧ Koch International Training Division and is Maryland Police Training Commission (MPTC) certified.

Matt Willette

is a current Law Enforcement Manager for Sig Sauer, Inc. and former Force on Force instructor for ATK. His background includes service with the US Army, 10 years in Law Enforcement, and 10 years in the private defense market. Matt has served in a variety of leadership assignments including SWAT, Narcotics, Gang Investigations, FTO and is a current sworn reserve police sergeant. He is a certified instructor in firearms, tactics, and defensive tactics. Matt is a current Advanced Level EMT, Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Saver Instructor, and Tactical Life-Saver Instructor.

Jonathan J. Wycinsky

is a retired, fourteen plus year veteran in California law enforcement. Within his law enforcement career, Jonathan has worked a variety of assignments including POP, Motors, Mobile Field Force, High Risk Protection Detail, and SWAT. Jonathan is a range master, firearms instructor, CA POST certified academy instructor, and holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. He is a graduate of the original ISTM course in 1996, Solutions Group International High Risk Dignitary Protection Course, and a two time graduate of GUNSITE. Since 1994, Jonathan has held a National Registry EMT certification, and is currently an Intermediate EMT. Jonathan has an eleven year military background as an operator in the USAF Special Operations, Pararescue Teams. Jonathan is currently working as an executive protection specialist for a high value confidential employer.